Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maruti Wagon R diesel - will complement petrol, CNG & LPG variants

If Maruti launches Wagon R diesel, this will be only model on sale in India that will be available in all four possible fuel options - petrol, diesel, CNG and LPG! Currently with the petrol, LPG and CNG options, the Wagon R is the fourth largest model sold with 10247 units in April 2012. With the diesel model of the Wagon R, sales will only double up. However, what will be price of the Wagon R diesel is the question. The answer lies HERE

Friday, May 11, 2012

Diesel Wagon R : most fuel efficient theory explained!

The Chevrolet Beat diesel is currently the most fuel efficient car in India with a rated economy of 25.44kmpl. The diesel Maruti Wagon R will use the same engine and here is how and why we think and believe that the diesel Wagon R will dethrone the Beat diesel in fuel efficiency stakes
1. The Wagon R is 100 kilos lighter than the Beat - thats 10% the weight of the Beat. Lighter cars less load on the engine and better economy
2. Maruti has been known to tune their diesel cars very well for economy and they will surely do this with the Wagon R too.
3. The Beat diesel's current performance is way too good. For example, it does over 150km/h! Now, Maruti doesnt really need to lend that kind of performance to the tall boy Wagon R -  they can tune the engine for economy than for performance.

All these 3 pointers make us feel that the diesel Wagon R might just hit the 27-28kmpl mark in ARAI testing!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diesel version to make Wagon R India's number 1 selling car

In the month of April 2012, Wagon R was the fourth largest selling car in India with a sale of over 10,000 units. With the diesel version coming in, it won't be wrong to say that sales will pick up by atleast 100%. Further, it will pull in customers from other brands which means there is every possibility of the Wagon R sales hitting the 20k mark soon making it India's largest selling model! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diesel Wagon R price in India - what will it be?

The crucial question in the Indian market is about the pricing of the new Maruti Wagon R diesel. If launched, the Wagon R diesel price will be very competitive in order to take on the other small capacity diesel car in India, the Chevrolet Beat diesel.
Now, the Chevrolet Beat diesel starts from Rs 4.5 lakh (ex-Delhi). The current Wagon R with A/C and power steering starts from Rs 3.77 lakh (ex-Delhi). A 3 cylinder diesel unit will cost an extra Rs 70,000 which means the probably pricing of the diesel Wagon R will be around Rs 4.47 lakh. However, remember that Maruti offers huge discounts on the current petrol Wagon R which means the effective price of Wagon R LXI is around Rs 3.5 lakh - add 70k to this and we are sure that Maruti can easily price the entry level A/C and power steering Wagon R from around Rs 4.2 lakh, making it superb value for money.
The higher VXI model with all four power windows and audio system etc be made to sell for around Rs 4.6 to Rs 4.7 lakh (ex-Delhi).
What do you think? 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diesel Wagon R : engine & specifications - what will it be?

Maruti's current diesel range of cars, the Swift, Ritz, Dzire and SX4 are powered by FIAT's multi-jet 1.3-litre diesel engine. Chevrolet, part of General Motors, had access to the same engine and cleverly removed one cylinder and made it a 3-cylinder engine for the Beat.
Maruti will look at doing the same thing as this engine is reliable, good on performance and brilliant on fuel economy. Infact, the 3-cylinder 1.0-litre configuration of the multi-jet engine in the Beat diesel offers more than 25.4kmpl making it India's most fuel efficient car.

The Diesel Wagon R hence will also come with this 3 cylinder 1.0-litre engine with the following specifications:
Displacement: 936cc
Power: 58.5PS@4000rpm
Torque: 150Nm@1750rpm
Expected fuel economy: 25kmpl!

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R diesel launch in India ?

As discussed in the earlier post, rising preference for diesel in India makes us think and believe that soon, probably this year, Maruti will be looking at launching the Wagon R diesel in India. After all, there are other rivals like the Chevrolet Beat diesel which are doing very good numbers. Why? The diesel Chevrolet Beat with a small engine manages great fuel economy, and in India, "kitna deti hai" always matters!
All this means that it wont be wrong to say that in one year from now, we might just have a diesel powered Wagon R in India - now that would certainly boost up the sales and make the Wagon R among the top 3 selling cars in India. We cant really say the exact month for diesel Wagon R launch in India but would definitely wait to see spy pictures of the car emerging out.

Why a diesel version of the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has been one of the most successful models from the company in India. Launched as the tall boy offering, the Wagon R went on to be a hit for the company and for the past many years, has consistently been in the top 5 selling cars in India. Infact, over the years, Maruti has added new fuel versions and the car is now sold in both LPG and CNG forms. However, with rising fuel prices, there has been a shift towards diesel preference among the Indian consumers and this is where we think that a diesel Wagon R would make perfect sense - both for the company and the consumer.
Infact, the Chevrolet Beat diesel has shown that small capacity diesel engined cars can also be a success in the Indian market. All that the consumer wants at the end of the day is low running cost and this is what Maruti should indeed do with the diesel Wagon R in India.